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zigmoyd.kdevelop Documentation

Zigmoyd is an Open Source, Free , Well Documented, Server Side, Object Oriented, Powerfull, Moduler, Secure, Customizable,Simple, Fast, Reliable, Lightweight,, Easy to use , Industry Standared, PHP Framework.


Zigmoyd is distrubuted under LGPL License which lets you use it in your Open source as well as Propeiratory Commercial Application(s) you can distribute / redistribute it as long as The Copiright Message is intact without any cost.


Zigmoyd OverView, Directory Structure., Zigmoyd Commander, Model View Controller, MVC Explained, View Embedding, Object Relation Mapping, Advanced ORM Usage., ROM (Request Object MOdel), Controller Access Specifiers, Zigmoyd modularity, Uploading Files., validation System, Validation Map, Validation Core, Zigmoyd Defining System, HTML Helper, Encryption System, Zigmoyd Logging, Unit Testing, Zigmoyd's Error Handling, Usefull Constants, MVC Url Rewriting

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Intended Audience

Its assumed that reader of this manual is familier with either PHP4 or 5 and also familier with OOPS Concepts and terminologies.

Feature Highlights

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